Do I need to create an account to buy my tickets?
No, creating an account is optional.

How to buy tickets for different dates?
You have to buy your tickets for each date separately.

Can I get my tickets back?
You have the possibility to use the exchange and resale module (see information on the email confirming the purchase of your original tickets).


How long in advance should I come before the show?
We recommend you arrive not earlier than 30 minutes before show time.

How far in advance should I come bedsore the show time?

We recommend you arrive not earlier than 30 minutes before show time.

Can a minor child attend the show alone?
It is preferable that any minor, particularly under the age of 15, be accompanied by an adult.

Are there seats to watch the show?
There are seats to enjoy the video mapping in the first part of the show; Then, the show is a stroll in the courtyards and on the ramparts of the castle and is designed to be enjoyed standing up.

Is the show wheelchair accessible?
Yes the show is accessible to wheelchair users.


Does the show take place in case of rain?
The show takes place in case of rain, it is possible to watch the it under an umbrella. Only exceptional weather conditions, in particular following the recommendations of the prefecture (orange alert) can lead to the cancellation of the show.

Is there an on-site washroom?
Yes toilets are available at the entrance of Château Comtal but there are no toilets on the show route.

Can you bring your pet?
Our friends the animals are not admitted in the Castle Comtal.

Is it possible to come with luggage or accessories?
In application of the Vigipirate « attack alert » level plan and the new provisions of the Prefecture of Police:
no deposit and/or cloakroom to deposit your personal items,
authorization only for bags smaller than A3 size (30x42cm)